Welcome to Shoppe Breezy Day! The Shoppe is designed to make your floral experience a Breeze. With 9 garden-style collections to choose from, there is something for everyone. Perfect for clients who are looking for beautiful a la carte event flowers for weddings, celebrations of life, showers or corporate events.

We will reach out to you to review your order

Enjoy your big day and your beautiful flowers!

Please read through all of the FAQ’s  before placing an order. 

Orders must be placed at least 3 weeks before the event date. 

All orders are subject to a $300 order minimum and must be within the same collection.

Collections are not customizable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the collections

Can I request flower substitutions to a collection?

Unfortunately the answer is, no you cannot. We’ve poured our whole heart into these collections and hope that you love them as much as we do! The whole point of Shoppe Breezy Day is to simplify the flower process for you and eliminate stress and worry. If you have a distinct floral vision in mind, you may want to consider Full Service Florals.

I read that Breezy Day has the right to change flowers in the collection as necessary, what does this mean?

Flowers are a perishable item that are a direct result of nature. We have carefully chosen flowers for each of our collections that are typically available all year long, however sometimes Mother Nature or other global events have a tendency to get in the way. If for some reason we are unable to source particular flowers for the collection, Breezy Day reserves the right to make substitutions. We promise all substitutions will maintain the integrity of the collection.

You mentioned seasonal blooms in the description, what does that mean?

Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when we go to the flower market and just can’t resist some of the amazing seasonal blooms available. Anemones in winter, tulips in the spring, peonies in summer, dahlias in the fall… the option to add an accent surprise is just too tempting for us!

Can I upgrade to a spray on an arch with these collections?

Yes, please inquire when submitting your order. You will need to order the Statement Grounded Arrangement and a fee will be charged for set-up at the venue. 

What’s up with the containers for the centerpieces?

All Shoppe arrangements are built in floral design trays and meant to be unnoticeable making the flowers the star of the show! They are easy to transport and easy to take home at the end of the event!

Placing Your Order

Do you have a minimum for the Shoppe?

Yes we do. Our Shoppe minimum is $300.

Why do you have a minimum for the Shoppe?

Flowers are purchased in bunches and the plain and simple of it, is that by having a minimum, we keep the cost down for you and we eliminate wasted flowers.

Can I mix and match collections?

The answer to this is yes and no. As long as you hit the minimum dollar amount in each collection, then absolutely!

How much notice do you need for me to place an order?

Ideally we’d like you to place your order at least 1 month before your event date. We realize however, that things can pop up at the last minute, so shoot us an email and see if we can accommodate your order.

How far out can I place my order?

We only book 1 year out from today’s date.

Can I make changes to my order after I have placed a deposit?

Sure thing! Just send us an email and we’ll contact you to talk about your changes. Your deadline however, is 2 weeks before the event. All orders are final 2 weeks before the event date.

Payment & Booking Questions

How do I pay? Do you need a deposit?

You can follow the Make a Payment link on our website to review your payment options. To secure your Shoppe Breezy Day order, you will need to make a non-refundable deposit of 20%. You will be able to review your deposit amount on your official quote.

Do I need to sign a contract?

You sure do! The contract will be attached to your quote. Signing off on the contract and paying your 20% deposit will secure your event on our calendar!

Are there any additional fees?

Beyond a delivery fee, the only other fee that might be tagged on is if you want an flowers delivered to multiple locations or if set-up is required at the venue beyond a basic drop-off. 

When do I need to pay?

Final payment is due 2 weeks before the event. You can visit the payment page on our website to review your payment options.

What happens if I have to cancel my event?

Aww, we’re so sorry about that! Unfortunately our deposit is non-refundable but as long as you cancel 2 weeks before your event, we’ll sadly take you off our calendar. If you are canceling with less than 2 weeks notice, we ask that you please email heather@breezydayweddings.com to discuss your options. 

Delivery Questions

If Breezy Day is coordinating my wedding, can’t she just deliver the flowers and set them up?

Unfortunately, that’s asking just a bit too much from your day of coordinator who already has a lot on her plate. We need the Breezy Day coordinator to be focused on welcoming your vendors, bringing all of your details to life and taking care of you!!

Where do you deliver?

Greater San Diego Area (Downtown/Point Loma/Coronado), Escondido, Ramona, Carlsbad, El Cajon or Chula Vista/Bonita.

For areas beyond the above listed, such as Temecula, Oceanside, Julian, etc we will need to adjust our delivery fee to accommodate mileage, we will provide this total on your quote. 

What is included in Delivery, do you set things up?

In an attempt to keep your flower costs affordable, our set-up is minimal. Breezy Day is happy to deliver personal flowers to the location where you are getting ready and we are happy to set centerpieces on tables at the reception if linens are on. Breezy Day will ask your Coordinator to sign for the flowers once the initial set up is complete, at that point the Coordinator will be responsible for moving and repurposing or cleaning up flowers. We will be sending you a Delivery Information Form to fill out leading up to your event. It is crucial to the success of your flower delivery to have as much information as we can from you. 

I want flowers at the church ceremony and flowers at the reception, how does this work?

There will be an additional multi-site fee charged for this option. Once the flowers are dropped at the church, Breezy Day will not return to pick them up and move them to the reception, you will need to designate a family member or friend to move the flowers to the reception.

Pick-Up Questions

What can I expect in regards to the Pick-Up option?

First of all, pick-up is great because you eliminate the delivery fee! It’s also a great duty to give a family member who is looking to help you out on your wedding day. If you choose to have the flowers picked up, we will send you literature on how to prepare for the pick-up and set up an appointment time.

We will have all of the flowers packaged for transportation and a member of the Breezy Day team will be there to help you load them into your car.

We’ll review the entire order with the pick-up person and once they sign off, we’ll happily send them on their way! Just note that Breezy Day is not responsible for the quality of the flowers once they leave our studio.

If we choose to pick-up the flowers, where are you located?

Our home studio is located in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego (92117). We will inform you of our address when we confirm your order.

Other Questions

I’m eloping and only need 1 bouquet - help!

That’s exciting! We are happy to help! We do offer an elopement package that includes a bouquet, boutonniere and a flower comb for your hair. Check it out in the Shoppe!

Can I keep the containers & vases?

YES!! One of the benefits of Shoppe Breezy Day is that we’ve made all of our flowers 100% yours! Another way to save money on your flower budget is to use containers that Breezy Day doesn’t need to return and collect at the end of the night. You eliminate that Return Clean Up Fee that we charge when we have to return at the end of the night. If you want to give them to your guests, make sure you have your DJ make an announcement.

Where do you get the flowers?

We source all of our flowers from our trusted wholesalers in Carlsbad, CA

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do! We are aware that many venues will require proof of insurance before we can deliver. We will make sure we ask you about this during our phone call so that we have plenty of time to request the COI from our insurance company.